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Biotech solutions that benefit society



As Vice President of Total New Energies, USA and Head of Biotech Research & Development, Vineet leads a team of scientist to develop groundbreaking technologies and bio-based solutions to meet our energy and chemical needs in an efficient, sustainable manner.

Making the Essential Accessible

The quest to find ways to make the things people use everyday more efficient and accessible has been Vineet’s driving force since he was young man in India. A newspaper article he read about biotechnology piqued his interest, and he found his purpose in a field with applications in many industries. “Working for Total means going the extra mile to find better ways to produce and deliver energy for people. And that’s my passion.”

Vineet has been working to create bio-based solutions for more than 16 years. Since receiving his Ph.D, his scientific accomplishments have included optimizing a single step biomass conversion to fuels and developing industrial biocatalysts to make chemicals. “Society will always need energy and I want to find ways to provide it more efficiently, economically, and sustainably.”

Working Toward a Common Goal

In a global work environment where 20% of the team is in France and the rest are spread across the USA - efficiency, flexibility and commitment to their R &D goals are the mark of a good team. “When our time zones make it difficult to connect, we accommodate each other’s schedules to get things done.  That way, we accomplish our mission.”

“Society will always need energy and I want to find ways to provide it more efficiently, economically, and sustainably”, Vineet.



2011 – Present

Vice-President, Biotech Research & Development at Total New Energies USA



Senior Vice-President, Research & Development at Bioarchitecture Lab. Inc.


2006 -2010

Vice-President, Director, Research & Organism Development at Mascoma Corporation


2003 - 2006

Group Leader at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Staff Scientist at Eastman Chemical Company



Global Executive MBA, Columbia Business School/London Business School



Ph.D - Industrial Microbiology, The Ohio State University