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Manager of hsse at the total port arthur refinery



Dorothy manages the Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department at Total’s Port Arthur Refinery. When asked to name her most important task everyday she says, “We have a responsibility to provide products and energy people need in a clean, efficient way.”

Careful Consideration

The company trusts Dorothy to take large projects from start to finish based on her skillful deliberation. Earning positions of increasing responsibility at several of Total’s industrial sites has made Dorothy a leader who helps her colleagues make strategic choices.  She works with them to first gain an understanding, and then formulate a decision.  

Charting Her Own Path

Becoming a key technical manager of a world class refinery is not a typical path for someone who began her career as an analytical lab chemist. Yet, Dorothy’s drive for new challenges led her to seize opportunities to take on the unfamiliar and get comfortable with change.   After recently completing a 150-mile bike ride for charity, she said, “Never miss a chance to get better. Keep pushing forward, even when you have to pick up the pace.” 

“Never miss a chance to get better. Keep pushing forward, even when you have to pick up the pace”, Dorothy.




Port Arthur Refinery Technical Manager for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment leading the development of action plans to improve safety and environmental performance.



Carville Styrenics Site Technical Manager of HSSEQ responsible for managing capital expenditure projects, risk assessment, and process safety programs.



La Porte Plant Technical Manager responsible for Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality (HSSEQ), Plant Scheduling, Product Shipment, Railcar Loading, Stores Warehouse.



Research and Technology Center Analytical Manager, Purchased major equipment, Guided 25 scientists to support all of Total US business units.



Research and Technology Center Chemical Advisor, Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc.



BS in Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics.