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18/12/2015 News

Total Launches a "Plant 4.0" Corporate Incubator

Paris, December 18, 2015


Total is launching a “Plant 4.0” corporate incubator to support deployment of digital technologies in its industrial activities.

Digital innovations — sensors, automation, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, to name just a few — optimize the design, operation and organization of a “Plant 4.0”. The resulting transformations drive operational performance, enhance safety, increase the reliability of  industrial units and boost the operational excellence of industrial assets.

This open innovation initiative aims to identify and attract the most groundbreaking Industry 4.0 start-ups from around the world, and allow them to test their technology, products or services in Total's own operations.

The shortlisted candidates will be presented between March and April 2016 to a panel of managers and experts from Total and its partner Impulse Labs, a specialist in accelerating the growth and success of energy and manufacturing start-ups. The start-ups selected will be incubated for a period of six months in France and the United States1 at Impulse Labs. This call for international projects focuses on two areas:

Asset Optimization

Augmented Operator2

  • Asset integrity and safety
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization
  • Industrial data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operation safety and reliability
  • Collaborative processes
  • Augmented interface for simulation, assistance and training
  • Working conditions, corporate wellness and productivity
  • Automation-based assistance

The businesses will benefit from joining other start-ups accelerated by Impulse Labs, be able to take advantage of the expertise of both Impulse Labs and Total, and receive incubation-related financing. They will be able to work on concrete applications and, if the project advances well enough, proof of concept at Total.

The incubator adds to Total’s other in-house and external open innovation initiatives. The Group is also planning a preferential contract between the start-ups and Total Energy Ventures, Total’s venture capital arm, and Total Développement Régional, the organization that provides financial and other support to small businesses.

To Participate:

1Start-ups that are already part of a business incubator are eligible and may remain with their current incubator.

2Augmented operators are assisted by digital innovations such as mobility tools, wearables and augmented reality to improve their safety and efficiency.

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