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TotalEnergies is a global broad energy company, active in more than 130 countries. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our ambition is to be a world-class player in the energy transition.

TotalEnergies has been operating in the United States since 1957. Our focus is on identifying opportunities across the entire energy value chain to meet growing energy needs while reducing carbon emissions. Our U.S. business strategy is centered on natural gas and renewables in the evolving U.S. energy market.

TotalEnergies' Global Energy Mix

Renewable energies and energy storage solutions work together with natural gas in the energy transition.

Becoming a world-class player in the energy transition means meeting the growing demand for energy and adapting to changing customer expectations. To achieve this, our activities in the U.S. span the entire energy value chain. TotalEnergies became the top U.S. liquified natural gas (LNG) exporter and is accelerating its investment in solar power generation and energy storage across the country.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
  • Offshore Wind

The time to speed up the energy transition is now. That is why, in 2020, TotalEnergies set a new ambition to reach carbon neutrality in our global business operations by 2050 - together with society. TotalEnergies supports the Paris Climate Agreement, and our business strategy is built around the anticipated market evolutions stemming from the Agreement’s goals.

Our ambition is backed by an integrated strategy focusing on the following:









TotalEnergies is actively pursuing business opportunities that support the decarbonization of U.S. energy. Our low-carbon business development in America is focused on natural gas, renewables, and energy storage. We believe that natural gas is critical to the energy transition, particularly when its production and consumption are complemented by well-designed policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • In 2021, TotalEnergies became one of the largest exporter of U.S. LNG, accounting for more than 10% of total U.S. LNG from five liquefaction terminals in the Gulf of Mexico, including Cameron LNG and Freeport LNG.
  • TotalEnergies has a 25% stake in Clean Energy, a distributor of natural gas vehicle fuel and biogas for road transportation with 550 service stations across North America.

  • TotalEnergies is jointly developing 12 utility-scale solar and energy storage projects of 1.6 gigawatts (GW) cumulative capacity in the U.S. to achieve 4 GW of renewables production capacity in the U.S. Discover more.
  • TotalEnergies' acquisition of a 2.2 GW solar projects development pipeline in Texas and 600 MW of battery storage assets will cover all the electricity consumption of its operated industrial sites in the U.S. Discover more.
  • TotalEnergies has a 52% stake in SunPower, the market leader in solar power solutions for commercial business and residential customers with strong go-to market channels. More than 350,000 homes in the U.S. have SunPower on their rooftop.

  • Our wholly-owned U.S.-based subsidiary Saft's cutting-edge, off-grid nickel and lithium-ion technologies store excess energy efficiently and safely for use during the times wind and solar systems are unable to generate power.
  • Saft is strengthening its business by expanding into electric mobility as well as growing energy storage system market, which is expected to grow by more than 20% in the next five years.

  • TotalEnergies is committed to end routine flaring by 2030 at our operated facilities. A CO2 emission indicator is present at the entrance of each of our operated facilities.
  • TotalEnergies is a member of the U.S. National Carbon Capture Center, which tests technologies on a pilot scale with the goal of reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel-based power plants and industries. Discover more on CCUS.
  • Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures finds and funds high-potential start-ups, which contribute to a low-carbon future.