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Champion of environment sustainability



As a Chief Geologist for Total Exploration & Production, Perry impacts our global community by assessing hydrocarbon reservoirs, ensuring the quality of work performed by his team, and enhancing efforts toward efficient development and thereby reducing our development footprint.  He oversees reservoir studies, develops oil and gas fields, and is responsible for the estimation of pressures that will be encountered by Total’s wells.  Knowing these pressures is critical for drilling safe and environmentally- conscious wells. Other responsibilities require him to interact with Universities through the organization of studies and the recruitment of young geologists.


Perry’s passion for nature and outdoor pursuits instinctively drew him to geology.  He enjoys globe trekking to study quality reservoir analogs seen in surface outcrops of rock. Through his work in field development, he appreciates Total’s efforts to preserve the environments where it conducts operations. “I like the technical detail and excellence that is required for the work we do.” 


While Perry loves the detailed technical work, his greatest satisfaction comes from mentoring a diverse group of young geologists. He inspired them to organize a trash pick-up initiative, to promote awareness and to spread his passion for a cleaner, more pristine environment.  He is encouraged to see so many colleagues champion this cause.
Instilling a sense of accountability within his team, Perry challenges them to actively reduce their carbon footprint. As he rides his bike to work every morning, he muses, “The next generation of geoscientists must be responsible and conscientious, not just for the company, but also for the good of the earth.” 

“The next generation of geoscientists must be responsible and conscientious, not just for the company, but also for the good of the earth”, Perry.



2012 – Present

Total E&P UK Chief Geologist responsible for quality of geological work as well as recruitment, training, and career development for geologists



Total E&P USA Offshore Fields Reservoir Supervisor; Reservoir Studies & Geology Manager; Geological Manager responsible for quality of geological work performed and a team of geologist, geophysicist and reservoir engineers



Total S.A. Senior Reservoir Geologist – GSR/VDG responsible for building 3D Static models



Fina Oil & Chemical Company Development Geologist responsible for development/appraisal of multiple oil and gas fields


Texas A&M University

B.S. Geology