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Electricity demand is set to rise faster than global demand for energy as a whole in the coming years. According to the International Energy Agency’s Sustainable Development Scenario, renewable energies will represent more than 35% of the world’s energy mix in 2040. To support this growth, our ambition is to achieve 100 gigawatts of installed renewable power generation capacity by 2030, through the development of our solar and wind energy businesses around the world.

TotalEnergies is developing a number of solar and energy storage projects in the U.S., targeting 4 gigawatts in cumulative capacity by 2025. We are also positioning ourselves in the high-potential U.S. offshore wind market that will provide renewable electricity to millions of U.S homes. We will leverage the many advantages that these abundant, clean, flexible, efficient and competitive sources of energy have to offer. 

TotalEnergies is jointly developing 12 utility-scale solar and energy storage projects of 1.6 gigawatts (GW) cumulative capacity in the U.S. to achieve 4 GW of renewables production capacity in the U.S.                                                                                                                                            

TotalEnergies' acquisition of a 2.2 GW solar projects development pipeline in Texas and 600 MW of battery storage assets will cover all the electricity consumption of its operated industrial sites in the U.S.                                                              

We've moved! SunPower's Commercial and Industrial Team has moved to TotalEnergies.

TotalEnergies' Commercial & Industrial Solutions is a leading energy solution provider specializing in solar, energy storage, and community solar.

Reinventing energy

To better address climate change, we need to reinvent energy and the way we produce and consume it by acting on two fronts: avoiding/reducing/offsetting our emissions and offering a less carbon-intensive energy mix.

To achieve this, we are constantly improving our operational excellence and energy performance to make economical and rational use of fossil fuels and generate as few emissions as possible. We are also accelerating the deployment of renewable and decarbonized energy through strong R&D and innovation in strategic areas, such as renewable electricity storage with our subsidiary Saft. In renewables, we are pursuing two ambitious goals for 2030: to join the world's top five renewables producers and to have a gross renewable electricity generation capacity of 100 GW.

In this way, we are acting to contribute to the carbon neutrality of society. After all, it is only by working together - public authorities, energy sector players, businesses and civil society - that we can achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.