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Frankie, manager – business development, total petrochemicals & refining usa


Frankie’s job at Total in Houston, Texas is to implement innovative facility improvements that help bring affordable energy to consumers, develop new opportunities within the industry, and minimize environmental impacts throughout the community.

The Value of Environmental Responsibility

Frankie’s interest in environmentalism began at an early age when he saw how planting trees and flowers in his parent’s yard helped to beautify it. Frankie's desire to add value and do good things wherever he could naturally followed. He took this lesson, and built upon it in his work with Total all over the world.

Texas, France, Africa: Sharing good ideas

“Total was a dream job. I first worked to advance environmentally-focused refinery operations in Texas. Then, I transferred to Europe where I learned more. I was even sent to share Total’s best practices in Senegal, Venezuela, and Zambia.” Frankie found that learning from each other’s expertise and sharing unique “best practices” benefits everyone.

Now back in Texas, Frankie continues to develop facility improvements, and believes in leading by example in the community. Currently in the process of designing a home, Frankie plans to include energy conserving details, like solar panels, to reduce his impact on the environment. He hopes his efforts will inspire others to take action as well.

"I was sent to share best practices in Senegal, Venezuela, and Zambia”, Frankie.

Short Resume



Manager - Business Development, Refining & Petrochemicals.



Area 2 Superintendent, Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.



Long-Term Pilot and Short-Term Pilot, processes exchange in France, Senegal, Venezuela, and Zambia.



Division Assistance Technique, Total France.



Business Development Project Engineer/Economic Analyst, Atofina Petrochemicals (Subsidiary of Total).



BS in Chemical Engineering.