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More than sixty years of history in the U.S.

Energy is life. Whether for cooking, heat or transport, we need it each day. At TotalEnergies, we are a broad energy company driven by one ambition: being a world-classe player in the energy transition by producing and supplying energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to the greatest number.

TotalEnergies' story in the United States began in 1957 with the creation of American Petrofina in Texas. Our values and the commitment of our employees are the foundation on which we have grown our business in this country from a refining and marketing presence to a fully-integrated energy company.

Our greatest strength is our employees and, with safety as our guiding core value, TotalEnergies is committed to ensuring that every person in each of our locations goes home safe every day.

With a strong pioneering spirit and a bit of American “can-do” attitude, TotalEnergies has been able to identify opportunities that will increase our impact across the entire energy value chain. We promote innovation and operational excellence to explore, produce, ship and market fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity in the booming U.S. energy market.

From the Northeast to Silicon Valley, and of course in the heart of the oil and gas industry along the Gulf Coast, TotalEnergies' ambition in the U.S. continues today with significant investments in projects ranging from the deep offshore, petrochemicals, to liquefied natural gas and cleaner energy fuels.

Our growth can only be sustainable if it is shared. And that is why we strive to be a responsible employer and support the local communities in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, California and other places where our employees work and live. This belief is embedded in our long-term commitment to expand our presence in the United States.

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