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Inspiring STEM Education Through Endeavor

TotalEnergies is proud to sponsor STEM education and STEM career exploration through our partnership with EVERFI. The Endeavor program empowers students to learn real world context and foundational STEM skills. Students, educators and schools that participate in the Endeavor program are provided the tools to explore how STEM topics and skills connect to exciting careers.

Students that participate in the Endeavor program experience a large increase in STEM knowledge which leads to greater interest in a STEM future – even among those who were not initially thinking about a STEM career. It all begins with learning foundational STEM skills like data analysis, understanding the engineering design process and practicing software development.

Cumulative Endeavor Program Impact

4,827 Students

21 Schools

57 Teachers Active

Reaching students who do not identify as the STEM type

Most students lose interest in STEM around middle school which makes it a critical time period for STEM education. A student’s interaction with STEM subjects at a middle school age can dramatically impact their future options and choices. The Endeavor program aims to encourage all students to see themselves in a career utilizing STEM topics. Even students who might not think a STEM career is for them.

After participating in the Endeavor program, students saw careers that excited them, that they could imagine themselves in an that they were eager to start thinking about next steps to pursue. For students who initially said they were not interested in a STEM career, Endeavor has offered them a new approach and are now reconsidering.

Student and Teacher Testimonials

“The student's engagement in the program was great! It piqued their curiosity." 

“I like that the kids get to explore different career options.” 

“I liked the fact that math could be used in real world situations unlike just on a worksheet in math class."