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The Investor Relations department is available to investors and provides responses to questions about the Company’s strategy and operations as well as its social and environmental responsibilities.

Information regarding corporate governance, business ethics, safety, environmental protection, and sustainable development efforts can be obtained from the Investor Relations department.  

Contact in North America

TotaleEnergies American Services, Inc.
Investor Relations, North America
1201 Louisiana Street, Suite 1800
Houston, TX 77002

[email protected]

Contact in Europe
TotalEnergies S.E.
Investor Relations
2 Place Jean Millier
92078 Paris La Défense 6 Cedex
Phone: + 33 (0)1 47 44 4646


  1. To purchase ADRs, please consult with your broker/dealer and/or investment advisor. In addition, ADRs may be purchased directly through J.P. Morgan's Global Invest Direct. For more information, please visit
  2. If you are currently a shareholder, you may contact J.P. Morgan directly at 1-800-428-4237 or for assistance or information regarding the ADR program.
  3. Note: Our ticker symbol is TTE.
  4. For more information regarding Investor Relations, visit our corporate web site.
  5. If your request does not concern Investor Relations, please visit our Contact Us page.