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The strengths that set us apart

Present in more than 130 countries, our more than 100,000 employees are the energy that drives us forward. They are our greatest strength. Oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gas, renewables and electricity: every day, they combine their expertise and know-how to provide the world's populations with the energy they need. From production to distribution and processing, they are involved in all energy value chains and, thanks to the strength of our integrated model, invent ever more innovative technological solutions for our customers.

Safety is a core component of our responsibility as an industrial company and critical for our long-term viability, because we can only be sustainable if we are safe and reliable. We believe safety is a matter of both individual and collective responsibility. At TotalEnergies, one person’s safety is everyone’s safety.

A pioneer spirit is part of our DNA. It gives us the boldness, sense of adventure and courage to conquer new territories and resolutely embark on a strategy that welcomes other energies. Our pioneer spirit is curious, innovative and teaches us to adapt and overcome adversity.

Treating each other with respect puts people at the center of TotalEnergies. Each day, we strive to embody this value by maintaining good work relationships and listening to each other, ensuring unwavering integrity, embracing diversity and fostering positive labor relations within the company.

Standing together reflects how we interact with each other at TotalEnergies. We empower everyone to grow in a considerate environment and draw support from our strength as a team. Additionally, TotalEnergies connects with our local environments where we actively foster a strong community.

Performance-minded is an attitude that reflects the disciplined way we work and our refusal to settle for anything less than the best. The high level of expertise our employees demonstrate, in addition to being performance-minded, has led to TotalEnergies being a global industry leader.