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The paradox of the energy transition is reducing our dependence on oil as global energy needs rise. To avoid oil output, TotalEnergies must meet the energy demand with other forms.

To meet growing energy consumption worldwide while helping fight climate change, TotalEnergies is focusing on natural gas, which is a key element in the energy transition. Natural gas is a low-carbon energy source that is abundant, inexpensive and flexible and can replace coal and oil for power production in many countries.

TotalEnergies transforms natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG) by lowering the temperature of the gas to -163°C. It can then be transported on ships, called LNG carriers, and regasified near the places where it is needed.

In 2022, TotalEnergies is the United States' leading exporter of LNG, exporting 10 million tons.

LNG is a perfect fit in TotalEnergies’ strategy and will play two important roles in the energy transition:

  • Promoting a switch from coal to gas in power generation.
  • LNG is a natural partner to renewable energies, which are intermittent by nature.


Cameron LNG: On the Road to the Energy Transition

The Cameron LNG terminal in Louisiana is ideally located for exporting LNG worldwide, particularly to Europe. The site allowed TotalEnergies to become the leading exporter of U.S. LNG in 2022. Take a look at Cameron LNG in this video report prepared in partnership with U.S. television channel CNBC.